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Product Selection Essentials

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

1 cable tray, line groove and its supporting hangers used in corrosive environment, corrosion-resistant rigid materials should be manufactured, or take anti-corrosion treatment, anti-corrosion treatment should meet the requirements of the engineering environment and durability.

2 The cable tray is in the section of the fireproof requirement, can be added in the cable ladder, tray with refractory or refractory performance of the plates, nets and other materials constitute a closed or semi-enclosed structure, and to take on the bridge and its supporting the surface of the lifting of the fire coating, such as measures, its overall fire performance should meet the national specifications or standards.

3 in the construction of high fire protection requirements of the site, not suitable for aluminum alloy cable tray.

4 The choice of cable ladder, tray width and height should conform to the requirement of filling rate, the filling rate of the cable ladder and tray in general, the power cable is preferable to 40%~50%, the control cable is desirable 50%~70%, and the 10%~25% engineering development margin is reserved.

5 When selecting the load level of the cable tray, the work of the cable tray should not be greater than the rated load of the selected cable tray load rank, if the actual span of the cable bridge bracket is not equal to 2m, the work uniformly distributed load should satisfy the requirements.

6 All kinds of components and support hangers under the conditions of the corresponding load, the size of the pallet, the frame of the straight line, Bend-pass series match.

7 in the choice of cable tray bending or on the primer, the device should not be less than the cable tray in the minimum allowable bending radius.

8 for steel cable tray and span greater than 6m of span than 2m or load-bearing requirements greater than the level d of the aluminum alloy cable tray, according to the engineering conditions of strength, stiffness and stability of the calculation or test verification.

9 several sets of cable tray in parallel laying at the same height, each adjacent cable tray should be considered between maintenance, overhaul distance.

10. Steel tray, width and height of ladder frames see CESC31:91 "Steel cable Tray Design Code" 2nd. Article 2.2.