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Pallet Cable Tray

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

Synonym cable tray generally refers to tray-type cable tray pallet Cable bridge is the oil, chemical, light industry, television, telecommunications and other aspects of the most widely used. It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful shape, simple structure, convenient installation and so on. It is suitable for the installation of power cables, as well as the laying of control cables.

Pallet Cable Tray

The surface treatment of pallet cable tray is divided into two kinds of zinc plating and spray painting, which can be specially treated in heavy corrosive environment.

Pallet cable tray with shields, the need to shield can be specified when ordering or in accordance with the model of the shield, all of its accessories with cascade, slot-type bridge general.

Maximum allowable uniformly distributed load and variable of pallet cable tray under different distances

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