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Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

1, the bridge system should have a reliable electrical connection and grounding (only metal bridge).

2. When the bridge system is permitted to constitute the grounding trunk circuit, the following requirements shall be met. The connecting resistance between the end of the bridge should not be greater than 0.00033 ohms, and the grounding holes should be cleared of insulating coatings. In the neutral grounding system of 1KV and below, the grounding of the electrical equipment is connected with the system neutral grounding. When the power supply is equipped with the dynamic cut off, the length of the steel cross section of the bridge should not be less than the prescribed value.

3, along the bridge length of another grounding trunk, each paragraph (including non-linear segment) The bridge should be at least a bit of reliable connection with the grounding trunk.

4, for the vibration place, in the grounding part of the connection should be installed coil spring.

Design content of bridge system

The design of the bridge system engineering should be closely matched with the civil construction, craft and related professions to determine the optimum layout, and its design content can contain:

1. The relevant sectional drawings of the bridge system.

2. Floor plan of the bridge system.

3. A detailed breakdown of the specifications and quantities of the straight-line segments, bends, branches, hangers and necessary instructions for the bridge system.

4, with special requirements of non-standard pieces of technical specifications or schematic diagrams.