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Construction Installation Essentials

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

1 cable tray and line slot laying direction should be short, and should be as far as possible along the wall, along the pillar or along the beam laying.

2 according to cable tray and line groove laying direction, to the civil profession, the structure specialty proposes the reserved wall hole, the floor cavity and the hanger frame installment, the need to embed the steel plate position and the load. And should be in the process of professional, plumbing professional and dynamic professional coordination.

3 The ground inside the concealed metal wire slot wiring, in design should work closely with the civil profession, in order to according to the different structure type and the building layout, reasonably determine the line path and the equipment selection.

4 different voltages, different uses of cables should not be laid in the same layer of cable tray:

(1) More than 1kV and 1kV and below cables;

(2) Dual-circuit cables that supply the same path to the first load;

(3) Emergency lighting and other lighting cables;

(4) Power, control and telecommunication cables. If different grades of cable laying in the same cable tray, the middle should increase the separation of partitions.

5 the installation or overhaul under the engineering condition does not need to consider additional concentrated loads, the work of the cable ladder and tray is calculated by uniformly distributing the load of the cables.

6 cable tray should not be in parallel with the following piping, when unavoidable, the cable tray position should conform to the following provisions, or take appropriate protective measures.

(1) The cable tray should be above the corrosive liquid pipeline.

(2) The cable tray should be under the heat pipe.

(3) The cable tray should be above the pipe when the flammable gas is heavier than the air.

(4) Flammable and explosive gas is lighter than air, the cable tray should be under the pipe.