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Cable Tray

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

The cable tray is divided into slot type, tray type and ladder frame, net format and so on, consisting of bracket, bracket arm and mounting attachment etc. Building inner bridge Rack can be independently erected, can also be attached in various construction (construction) and tube Gallery stent, should embody the structure of simple, beautiful shape, flexible configuration and easy maintenance, all parts need to be galvanized treatment, installed on the building exposed days of the bridge

The full name of the rigid structure system with dense support cables (hereinafter referred to as bridge frames) is made up of groove, tray or cascade type, bend, tee, four-pass assembly and bracket arm (ARM bracket), hanger etc. Chung Bridge, the market is constantly recognized and accepted cable tray industry localization efforts, product selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, has been widely concerned about the product selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, surface technology has cold galvanized, hot galvanized, electrostatic spraying, fire retardant coatings, baking paint, etc.