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Bridge Design

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 17, 2017

The weak system of intelligent building, usually has multiple information monitoring and communication facilities such as BA (Building Automation), OA (office automation), CA (communication automation) and other corresponding system composition, taking BA as an example, in addition to the building's own power supply, drainage, air-conditioning, elevators and parking facilities, such as the necessary information monitoring, there are SA (Security automation), FA (Fire automation) and other subsystems, to achieve system integration or partial system integration. Depending on the functional requirements of the building body to determine its rank and content, these systems include different types of cables and wires, some of which are part of the source cable (the power supply voltage is generally DC12/24/48V and AC220V), as a result of the continuous development of the construction industry cable tray is also advancing with the times and constantly receiving the market recognition and the domestic strength of the cable tray industry, the product selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, has been widely concerned about the product selection of high-quality cold-coated, hot-dip galvanizing, Electrostatic spraying, fireproof paint, baking paint, etc. Products are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, power, school communications, high-rise buildings and other fields, with beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, wide versatility, installation of flexible and convenient, complete varieties and other characteristics. The spirit of "quality first, credibility-oriented, management-oriented, service-prudential" purposes. Company to provide customers with accurate and timely service, high-quality products, preferential prices, we will be based on the future look forward, and constantly open up, innovation, advancing with the times. Some are passive (optical) cables (such as data cables, video coaxial cables, etc.), so when the routing and Route selection is designed, should be differentiated, not only should conform to the requirements of the norms, but also to consider the safety of wiring, scalability, economic and aesthetic, easy to repair, cable tray as the bearer of a variety of cable laying carrier, from the need for wiring, the same should be followed by the above-mentioned principles to implement. Due to the parallel intersection of various pipelines in the building, the space is limited, especially the large office buildings, financial shopping malls, hotels, venues and so on, information point dense, cable laying in addition to the use of floor trench and wall buried pipe, in the vertical shaft and roof ceiling, the wide use of cable tray, provide different directions for wiring, the weak system of all sorts of cable cloth placed in the bridge rack, its best route selection and installation of the way to according to the requirements of the direction, and the combination of building structures and air-conditioning, electrical and other pipelines to determine the location of consultation, Passive cables cannot be laid alongside active cables, and are confined to the same bridge frame by the conditions. In the meantime, it must be divided into metal clapboard, the cable to avoid the plane cross, the bridge to cross the floor, walls or expansion joints, should be marked on the building map to leave the corresponding holes and positions, to avoid the omission waiting for the construction of temporary drilling, may damage and civil structure. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMC), in the design of the bridge, the bridge should be considered closed.