Safe Working Load (SWL)

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Safe Working Load (SWL)

The wire basket cable trays shall be installed at a temperature between -5°C to +60°C to make sure the material have better mechanical resistance. And the trays shall not exceed maximum loads as specified by the safe working load data below.

1.CM50 Wire Cable Tray SWL


2.CM100 Wire Cable Tray SWL


3.CM150 Wire Cable Tray SWL


Considering safety and costs, the wire cable trays are suggested to be supported at a span of 2.0m by trapeze, wall, floor or channel mounting methods. Make the first span 1.5m, and keep span of 2.0m for the following cable trays. The coupler is 0.5m away from the supporting position which can get 100% performance. View illustration as Figure A below.


For heavy duty loading (mainly for CM150 wire mesh cable trays), 1.5m supporting span is suggested. Please view details as Figure B below.

When there are changes of level and direction, it is recommended to place supports as below.


*Please note never put the support under coupler, and do not walk on cable trays.