Data Cabling Instructions

Ningbo Bonet Metal Products Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 20, 2017

Data Cabling Instructions

The data cables must only be subjected to limited mechanical stress during installation work to preserve data transmission integrity. Thus the cables should be placed in, rather than dragged into, the cable tray. The rounded wires and our chamfered edge cutting design of wire mesh cable trays reduce the risk of tearing. Meanwhile using our connecting accerssories with bolts and nuts (such as couplers and strengthning bar), the installer must make sure the bolts sharp end should be in the opposite side of the cabling area as the picture below. The fast fix connectors is fine with this issue.


Whether bundled together or layed flat, the cables should not be tied too tightly, and tools should not be used. We recommends to use our CABLE FIXER to fix the cables onto the cable trays.


And we recommend to use CABLE EXIT PLATE to ensure the bend radius of the cable is respected.